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We know what it takes to build a mobile platform and also to effectively use it to achieve business objectives.

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Client Value

Provide insights beyond customer inputs from our personal experience

Speed and Agility

Drive efficiencies through agile development model & faster time to market

Value Driven Model

Flexible and consultative engagement models.

Predictability in cost

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Important Considerations

"Cost Considerations especially for Start-Ups"
Consider the approach of first developing a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that puts you into business fast in minimal cost and that starts creating revenue & brand value.
Importance : MVP Minimize the cost of entry for a start-up to run & operate a full featured mobile app.
"Business requirements"
Business requirements must be Specific and Address all aspects of business operations.
Importance : Incomplete and ambiguous requirements will lead to poor quality of product and add to development and overall cost.
"Business Continuity"
Plan for smooth operations - Unplanned down-times can lead to loss of business.
Importance : Business interruptions not only is loss of revenue but loss of clients for good.
"Scalable Code"
Code should be as generic as possible with limited or no hard-coding.
Importance : It makes the code flexible as it is easy to add new features with generic code.
"Business Intelligence"
Mobile platform must support business objectives.
Importance : As an integral part of the platform, in-built business intelligence helps find mistakes, learn from them and drive improvements
"Ongoing Support"
Consider having in-house technical team that understands and can work with technology used in the development of product.
Importance : Outsourcing any development and support work will increase cost.
"Intellectual Property"
You paid for the product and so you must own the Patent of your Mobile Platform.
Importance : Your mobile platform's monetary value increases and you are legally protected from copyright infringement.


Mobile App Development

There are two different models for developing a mobile app.

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